A family of characters designed for the launch of new Apple Store in Paris Champs Elysées. 1. The colour-pencils box Superhero (Art & Design). 2. Mr. Camera (Photo). 3. The Director (Video). 4. The Siamese twins music notes (Music). 5. Millipede Coder (Coding). 6. Skeleton at the gym (Fitness). It was a collective project of 14 Parisian artists, to decorate the facade of the Apple Store, for 2 weeks before the openning. I had the pleasant surprise to discover the "Siamese twins music notes" printed in huge on the Champs-Elysées.

I also got the chance to present my work and animate a Today at Apple Workshop with kids. "Create a plasticine character and learn the basics of Stop-Motion". On the theme "Space party", I asked the kids to create astronauts, imaginary aliens and planets.