What happens in a mental hospital for animals, when four patients start making music with every object they can find?

Musicothérapie was my 2007 Supinfocom graduation short film. It was co-directed by Clément Picon, Manuel Javelle, and myself. Music by Tambour Battant. It took a full year to achieve, from writing the script and ideas, to create and animate the characters, using 3D CG animation. A specific shading technique was used to keep a classic 2D look with flat colors. Making Of here. The film was showcased on various blogs (Motionographer, Vimeo Staff Pick), festivals (Pictoplasma Berlin, OneDotZero London, NYICFF New York) and broadcasted on CANAL + TV Channel. It received several awards and prices, including the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica.