Astronomer Brendan explains how we determine the age of our Solar System from space rocks and how we can work out how long the Sun has left before it engulfs the inner planets.

How do we know how old the Sun is? is an educational short film I made at Beakus, commissioned by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, as a video ressource for secondary school teachers. Full credits here. The goal was to explain some heavy scientific concepts with simple graphics and fun animations. It was part of a 3 films series, including "What's inside a Black Hole?" and "How big is the Universe?", that was labelled "Vimeo Staff pick" and got more than 200 000 views. How do we know how old the Sun is? was also screened in Annecy 2015 international festival, as part of the commisssioned films official selection.



From the same series: WHAT'S INSIDE A BLACK HOLE?